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Every year we run a #LJHSummerOfSelfCare challenge on Instagram to start the year off right with some really great healthy habits. You can find the prompts in our stories highlights, but we've also included a wrap up for you below - including all the ways we responded to the prompts as a team!

Kate, Mel and Ebony x

DAY ONE. Stretch your whole body
“I tried to do some gentle stretching in the mornings, but Vinnie thought it was a game and wanted to climb all over me! So now I involve him in the routine, and we stretch up to touch the sky and then down to our toes. It’s simple, but it’s a lovely way to start the day with some focussed time, even if it only lasts a minute!” - Kate

“I stretch before bed while watching an ep of trashy TV (guilty pleasure!) That way when I hop into bed, all the tension and stress of the day has melted away and I fall to sleep quickly” - Mel

“This has prompted me for a change this year! I have decided to start my day by prioritising my body first. I get up early and do a 20 minute Keep It Cleaner Workout in my lounge room, with 5 minutes either side of stretching. It has changed the whole way I feel about myself and the energy I have for the day!” – Ebony

DAY TWO. Listen to a podcast
Confession, I’ve still never listened to a podcast! I'm putting it on the list for this year and starting with "She's On The Money”. It's a finance one to inspire good money habits and make talking about money more accessible" - Kate

“I am *obsessed* with podcasts. I listen to everything! A great way to learn new things, think differently about things and even have a laugh. My faves at the moment are ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ (I laugh so hard I can’t breathe during these eps!) Gangster Capitalism about the college admissions scandal in the US, “Ladies We Need to Talk” about everything and anything that women don’t really talk about, and “Bad Batch” about stem cell therapy. Very varied, but there’s seriously a podcast about every thing!” - Mel

“Listening to podcasts have become a daily routine for me. I choose to listen to ones that are set around mindset and improving daily habits. Whenever I am cooking, driving or even in the shower, I pop one on!” - Ebony

DAY THREE. Go for a 30 minute walk
“Sometimes finding the time in your day can be a bit tricky, so I try to combine it with another task I have to do, like going to the supermarket for milk or dropping Vinnie off at daycare. Walking instead of driving to do these things means I walk with purpose, which I find a lot more motivating than being alone with my thoughts!” - Kate

“I do this most mornings and treat myself to a coffee in my keepcup on the way home” - Mel

“If I am to be honest, I find it hard to fit a walk in. I do take our beautiful dog out to the dog park regularly, so between all her energy and my 2yr old I’m sure I cover some ground in the park. Plus I get to meet some really great people and enjoy the fresh air! I do miss my walks down the river, so will be trying to head down there a little bit more when the weather cools down and the snakes are not about!” - Ebony

DAY FOUR. Text someone you love and let them know
“I often check in with my friends, to make sure they are going ok, but to be honest, on reflection the ‘L’ word isn’t something I find myself writing to too many people. Something I can definitely improve on, especially with family!” - Ebony

DAY FIVE. Put your phone down
“I really struggle with this, so sometimes I just put it on airplane mode and play a game. It’s a realistic baby step for me to switch off.” - Kate

“This is so difficult for me, my whole life and business is on my phone! Which is why it’s important to step back really. I focus on doing something every evening without my phone glued to my hand like making dinner or even reading just one chapter of a book” - Mel

“This can be a hard one! Some days I have a lot of space from it, others not so much. I have begun charging my phone in my bathroom over night so I have distance from the screen, and am sleeping better for it.” - Ebony

DAY SIX. Write a love letter to yourself
"My psychologist asked me to do this while I was being treated for PND back in 2018. I was skeptical, but she asked me to write it on a good day and list all the things that would help me through a bad one. I still have it folded up in the back of my gratitude journal and I have to say it was SO helpful!" - Kate

DAY SEVEN. Have a mindful moment
“I love using the Calm app for their meditations. I always thought meditation was honestly just a crock BUT since using the app for the guided meditations, I’m hooked! A lovely way to reset, reenergise and have 10 minutes carved out to being mindful of my feelings” – Mel

DAY EIGHT. Wake up early
“I keep the same routine every day, waking up at 7am, even if I don’t have to be up so early. It helps create a routine for myself which is important working from home” - Mel

“As an avid night owl, I have made it my mission this year to make better use of my mornings – to much success! Who would have thought I would enjoy it too :) “ - Ebony

DAY NINE. Drink 2L of water
“I struggle so much with this. So I have an app that reminds me throughout the day to drink a glass of water.” - Mel

“I tend to carry a drink bottle with me everywhere I go, the trick I need to start playing on myself is to actually drink it!” – Ebony

DAY TEN. Spend 30 minutes outside
“A last minute trip to the dog park does the trick for me with this one!” – Ebony

DAY ELEVEN. Watch a documentary
"David Attenborough is a fave in our household, soothing voice and extraordinary captures of our beautiful planet. My goal this year is to watch a few more on environmental sustainability to change up some of my daily practices at home." - Kate

“I have watched a couple documentaries in the last 6months that feature on Netflix. Wow! How refreshing to watch something valuable on tv.” – Ebony

DAY TWELVE. Unplug an hour before bed
"Very guilty of NEVER doing this! Must try harder this year!" - Kate

DAY THIRTEEN. Do your hair/nails/skin
"As the mama of a toddler with another little bean on the way, my personal beauty routines are always the first to go when things get busy! My little indulgence is Go-To Skin Care - my absolute fave. I'm currently using their brand new oil cleanser, Fancy Face. It it SO QUICK and SO EFFECTIVE and leaves my skin feeling positively glorious. I can actually fit it into my nightly routine it makes me feel so great knowing I've prioritising myself for a few minutes." - Kate

DAY FOURTEEN. Start a book
“I follow Reese Witherspoon’s book club so I’ve always got a great read on my list ready to go. Following a book club takes away ‘decision anxiety’ for me because I know the recommendations will be fab!” - Mel

DAY FIFTEEN. Take a photo
“If I had a cent for every photo I took of my kitties each day, I’d be a millionaire ha! But flicking through cute pics of them make me so happy” – Mel

DAY SIXTEEN. Hang out with a friend
"I'm so lucky that my friends also happen to be my business pals! Ebony, Mel and I catch up once a week to work on fun LJH things, but we also dedicate at least an hour of our meetings to a good breakky and catching up on our personal lives. It's so good for the soul." - Kate

"6 TED Talks on the power of gratitude, so simple but so inspiring!" - Kate
1. '365 Days of Thank You' Brian Doyle
2. 'Want to be happy? Be Grateful' David Steindl-Rast
3. 'The power of saying thank you' Laura Trice
4. '365 grateful project' Hailey Bartholomew
5. 'Two words that can change your life' Tanmeet Sethi  
6. 'Oprah's Gratitude Journal Lifeclass' Oprah Winfrey 

DAY EIGHTEEN. Find a new account to follow
"Us! @littlejarofhappiness_ ;)" - Kate

DAY NINETEEN. Have a social media free day
“Saturday is my SM free day and it’s great because it’s usually the day of the week that we catch up with friends and family and I really want to be present for that” - Mel

DAY TWENTY. Wash your sheets and towels
“I’m of the firm belief that a hot shower with a fresh towel before bed with crisp, clean sheets is one of life’s greatest pleasures” – Mel

“This always makes me feel like I am on top of things at home. Especially living in Melb, on the hot days you will find me out the back, doing our sheets!” – Ebony

DAY TWENTY ONE. Read about a topic you know nothing about
"I do a little bit of copywriting on the side for other glorious small businesses, and this sees me reading about new things on the reg! At the moment I'm learning all about Hypnobirthing (relevant to me with a new little person arriving in just 11 weeks!) and linen thread count. So interesting!" - Kate

“I love doing this and I often find I fall down a rabbit hole clicking through different topics. Then I end up on Youtube watching documentaries about it all!” - Mel

DAY TWENTY TWO. Clear out your inbox
“I'm a notorious inbox ignorer *face palm*. It's taken me 5 years of business to get a system that works for me. And that's simply to remind myself that it never takes you as long as you think it will. Carve out an hour of dedicated emailing time (no interruptions!) and see how far you get!” - Kate

DAY TWENTY THREE. Clean out your wardrobe
“I love to do this regularly, it’s something that helps clear my head and keeps me in check with appreciating the clothes I already have and not being tempted by fast fashion.” – Ebony

DAY TWENTY FOUR. Start a gratitude journal
"I've got a little cloth bound journal that I write in (when I remember to!), but it's not always practical to have it with me 24/7! I like to use the LJH Daily Gratitude templates to prompt me to reflect on my day - you can download them for free here!" - Kate 

DAY TWENTY FIVE. Try a new way to exercise
“Did you know that you can literally do any exercise on Youtube?! Seriously, search anything. Pilates, barre, yoga, spin class, hiit – anything! Fun and affordable.” – Mel

DAY TWENTY SIX. Make a happy playlist
"Watch this space, Little Jar of Happiness Spotify channel coming soon!" - Kate

DAY TWENTY SEVEN. Plan something to look forward to
“Life is busy so my husband and I plan a date night once a month and we always look forward to it. And I love planning it – where to go, what to wear, what to do” - Mel

DAY TWENTY EIGHT. Buy some fresh flowers
“Something I don’t do enough for myself. I definitely have enough greenery in the house to lift my spirits on the daily, being a bit of a crazy plant lady.” – Ebony

DAY TWENTY NINE. Have a really good breakfast
“I’m the first to admit that I’m terrible at breakfast but I do love shakshuka with pancetta and buttery toast to dunk into it. I’ve got a simple recipe for it in my eCookbook which is free to download. Check it out here” - Mel

DAY THIRTY. Write down 3 goals for 2020 
"We love to end our 30 day challenge with goal setting, once we've really treated our minds to some rest and relaxation because that usually means a little more clarity when it comes to planning. We've got *so* many exciting things to share with you this year, and we really recommend @MelbPsych's free resource "Setting Goals with Soul" to help you get clear on your purpose in 2020. You can download it here!" - Kate